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UCKC Mission

Looking to sell your historic, unique, or city home for top dollar? Look no further than the Urban Cool KC Real Estate Team! Our cutting-edge marketing and social media strategies, high-end photography and videos, and expert staging techniques will showcase your property in the best possible light, attracting the right buyers and maximizing your return on investment. From start to finish, our team will guide you through the process, taking the stress out of everything from prepping your home for sale to negotiating pricing and inspection repairs. Trust us to get you the results you deserve, and sell your home for more with Urban Cool KC!

In 2006, Franny Knight discovered her passion for cool homes while living in downtown Kansas City. As a newcomer to the real estate industry, she began photographing unique urban properties, which eventually led to a robust social media following of nearly 40,000 on Facebook alone. Today, Urban Cool KC is dedicated to connecting you, the Urban Cool Villager, with the best that this city has to offer. Whether you are looking for your dream home or seeking a buyer who will appreciate it as much as you did, our team is here to help you navigate the market and find your perfect match.

At Urban Cool KC, we pride ourselves on being experts in several areas of the real estate industry. One of our specialties is historic homes. We understand the unique charm and character that comes with owning a piece of history, and we are committed to helping our clients navigate the intricacies of buying and selling these properties. Whether you are looking for a historic home to restore or hoping to find a buyer who shares your passion for preservation, our team has the expertise and resources to make your dreams a reality.

In addition to our expertise in historic homes, we are also urban Kansas City neighborhood experts. We are intimately familiar with the distinct neighborhoods that make up this vibrant city, and we are dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect location to call home. From the trendy streets of the Crossroads Arts District to the quaint charm of Brookside, we can guide you through the different neighborhoods and communities in Kansas City and help you find the one that fits your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Finally, we are proud to be community loan experts. We understand that financing your home is a critical part of the buying process, and we are here to help you navigate the different loan options and find the one that best fits your needs. We have strong relationships with local lenders and can help you secure financing that fits your budget and goals. Our team is committed to providing personalized attention and expert guidance throughout the entire buying or selling process, and we look forward to helping you achieve your real estate goals.

Meet Our Founders

Franny Knight

Meet Franny Knight, a seasoned realtor with a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Wichita State University. Her athletic background, having played on scholarship for both Volleyball and Basketball at Labette Community College in Parsons, KS, and WSU, has instilled in her a discipline that she applies to her real estate work.

Franny is passionate about health and fitness, and you can often find her walking her beloved Boxer Pack (Ruby Sunshine, Betty Rae and Scarlett Star) on various trails throughout the metro area. She is also a skilled social media consultant and marketing expert, offering workshops and consulting services to businesses, entrepreneurs, and social-service agencies to help them improve their marketing strategies.

Prior to her real estate career, Franny was a public speaker and trainer in Creative Marketing and Thinking, Social Media Marketing, Communications, and Negotiation. Her extensive experience in marketing and communication has proven invaluable in the real estate industry, helping her clients navigate complex negotiations and achieve their goals.

Choose Franny Knight and the Urban Cool KC Real Estate Team for a stress-free and successful home buying or selling experience.

Hubert Beattie

Meet Hubert Beattie, a seasoned real estate professional with over 30 years of management experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Business. With 16 years of experience as a veteran realtor, Hubert has an in-depth understanding of most real estate transactions. His keen eye for spotting homes that can be rehabbed or flipped makes him an excellent resource for investors and homeowners who love the idea of turning a “diamond in the rough” into a gem.

In addition to his professional achievements, Hubert has a passion for sports and an active lifestyle. As a former basketball player on scholarship, he still enjoys hitting the court whenever he can. Hubert is an avid fan of KC Chiefs football and KU Jayhawks basketball, and loves to catch their games whenever possible. When he’s not working or playing sports, Hubert enjoys traveling and spending time with his beloved Boxer Pack, which includes three furry companions who bring him joy and companionship in his downtime.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, Hubert’s experience and knowledge of the local market make him an invaluable asset to the Urban Cool KC Team

Merisa Beattie

Merisa Beattie is an accomplished Realtor with Urban Cool KC, where she serves as the Transaction Coordinator and Listing Manager. Prior to joining the team, Merisa honed her people skills in the restaurant industry, where she developed a knack for dealing with all types of personalities and making connections with people. Her passion for helping others led her to pursue a career in real estate, where she enjoys meeting new clients and guiding them through the home buying and selling process. Merisa’s clients appreciate her exceptional talent for staging homes, which helps them sell faster and for a better price. With her customer service skills and attention to detail, Merisa is an invaluable member of the Urban Cool KC team.

Mark Goodman

Meet Mark Goodman, a Realtor at Urban Cool KC. With a diverse professional background that began as a Tank Mechanic in the US Army, Mark has since applied his problem-solving skills to the fields of IT and military contracting. After returning to the US, he continued his career in IT, working for notable companies such as Sprint, H&R Block, and Marriott Hotel & Resorts. 

But his passion for home renovation and real estate led him to pursue a career in the industry. With his unique blend of IT, renovation, and real estate expertise, Mark is a valuable asset to his investor clients. He specializes in finding properties that are perfect for renovation and restoration, ensuring that his clients’ investments will not only appreciate in value, but will also be restored to their former glory.

As a Veteran he also specializes in helping fellow Veterans purchase homes using the VA Home Loan with No Down Payment.

Damon Patterson

Meet Damon Patterson, the dynamic and multi-talented leader of the Urban Cool KC Real Estate Team. Damon is not only a gifted artist and musician but also an active community member and a successful entrepreneur. He is committed to helping young entrepreneurs and performers follow their dreams and achieve their goals, and is widely recognized as a KC leader in this area.

Beyond his creative endeavors, Damon is also a sustainability advocate and guru, passionate about living energy-efficiently, growing his own food, and promoting community living. He is a budding developer in East KC, and his passion for sustainable living extends to his real estate work. Damon is always looking for ways to help his clients create sustainable and eco-friendly homes and communities.

Damon is a lifelong learner and researcher, with an insatiable curiosity for new knowledge and ideas. His extensive research and data analysis skills are a tremendous asset to buyers and sellers in real estate, providing them with valuable insights and information to make informed decisions.

Damon’s expertise in real estate is broad and deep, with a particular focus on helping buyers who need cash and down payment assistance, credit repair, and grant programs. He is committed to helping his clients achieve their real estate goals, no matter what challenges they may face.

Damon’s big claim to fame in KC is his acclaimed documentary, “Art Saved My Life.” The film is a powerful exploration of the transformative power of art and creativity, and has touched the lives of countless people in the community.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, passionate, and committed real estate professional in KC, look no further than Damon Patterson and the Urban Cool KC Real Estate Team. Contact Damon today to learn more about how he can help you achieve your real estate goals!